JUL.13.2008 - Final Count Down!

seams as though time is coming to its end here in alaska. in two and a half weeks ill be home for four hours in the seatle airport, and then im going to arizona, where ill stay for 3 weeks, THEN ill take my car full of junk and drive to washington. im very stoked to finally feel settled down. all the moving from place to place that ive done in the past three years has been fun and exciting but i just want to finally find that place called home.
a wild pack of meese.
exploration in bear territory: no bears found.
bullet holes...
...in the truck we shot!
deven about to look for gold in a stream


holli h. said...

Bullet holes.... It's the Fratelli's!!!!

haha... Goonies

Hey. We must hang while your in AZ!

holli h. said...

Oh and I think that you guys should convince sam to start a blog because he is pretty the only Garn without one now! ...and it would be really funny.

Mike Garn said...

lets hang then! could i imagen sam blogging? ...maybe.