DEC.31.2010 - Completed Associates in Arts

Well I've got some exciting news, I've now completed my Associates in Arts, and now it's off to find a new job doing something I enjoy doing; at least that's the plan. Since the end of last semester I've gotten my hands (quite literally) on two graphic design gigs. Hopefully I'll land a full time job sometime soon doing something similar.

I figured I'd better post up something new, so I scanned through some unfinished paintings looking for something I could fix up real quick. It's still not finished, but who want's a post with out a new picture. Also the image below the painting is my next idea for wall art I'm going to build. The addition is a glossy four panel displaying an abstract city. I know the panels look real but they're not, I'm just pro at Photoshop. It'll be sweet when finished because I'll be able to arrange them in different ways depending on the amount of space available in my room. Pretty stoked.

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