NOV.28.2012 - No Disassemble!

Some commission work I recently did that I'm allowed to share.
"No Disassemble!" That's the sound of my old computer being replaced by my new laptop. Check these specs: i7 processor, 750 gb at 7200rpm hard drive, 16 gb of ram, and an Radeon 7670 graphics card. This machine is a beast. So yeah I'm glad to be caught up with technology again.

I've been painting but have been less productive than usual for the last 3 weeks due to waiting for this laptop and adjusting to it (mostly Windows 8 which i'm still getting used to). I think the honeymoon stage is almost over though because I'm getting back into my schedule and good drawing habits. I've got another post coming with in the week that will have some recent personal work that I'm really excited about. Oh yes, and i'm also going to start recording some of my paintings to put on my YouTube channel now that my computer can preform both tasks at once.