JAN.13.2014 - I Will Relocate

The quest for a place to live near Santa Monica has been challenging. I've been spending more time talking to contacts (friends) and searching every room rental site than drawing the past week. I just have to keep reminding myself to stay patient because something will come up soon. I've decided on somewhere close to Santa Monica partly because I've got a good feeling about it, also because there's a few studios near there where I can apply in person. How crazy would that be, to go into a studio in person. I'm so close to reaching my goal, so exciting! Oh yeah and I officially quit the bus driving job on very good terms. So I've been rounding up old clients for work and looking for new ones too. Once I move I'll really be able to kick it gear.

I've really been trying to lock down a consistent working routine for the past few weeks but it's been tough with all this house searching. I'm going to talk about my awesome schedule anyway. The important thing is making scheduled blocks of time for specific tasks and not letting anything but an emergency distract from that. Working out, studies and portfolio building are things I've been doing for a while but I recently decided to make time for myself also. A time to just be free to roam is important, being locked down to a schedule 24/7 can be boring. During this time I'll take my lunch to the part or make some calls and hang with friends. I've also dedicated the second Thursday of every month as a kinda nature vacation day all by myself. This past Thursday I woke up and hiked the Salt River and ate lunch there after 4 hours of going up the side of the river. It was so nice to just wake up and know that that would be priority one for that day. I'm looking forward to the next one. Hopefully I'll be in CA by then so I can pick up a fishing license and do some catch and release in the mountains near there. Sounds so relaxing. Just me, the fish, and the sound of the river softly spilling over itself. The smell of the plants and water relaxing me at the core, and of coarse a much needed nap under a tree. hmm...

Back to business. Other things I've considered are going back to school. Most likely at the Gnomon School because I'll be a 30 min drive from there. I even signed up for FASFA last night to get some extra funding for it if it's an option. I've never had proper training in any of this so a few classes would be rad and i could also make some more friends. You can never have enough friends! So that's what's going on here. Next time I update the blog I will be on the beach writing this!

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