APR.10.2014 - Opportunity on the Horizon

 Dear Diary, so much to tell! I recently moved from beautiful Culver City to the grungy part of Hollywood. Never thought I'd live in this town. I've been working on my portfolio like some kinda wild animal, nearly all day everyday for the last 2 months. I set out with the goal to learn Zbrush as well as I know Photoshop and I've made really good progress. In the first 3 weeks I put in around 200 hours into leaning and practicing it. I'm happy to say that it paid off, and Zbrush is now an essential part of my work flow.

I should explain the BIG project i started. So these zbrush sculpts are aimed at one very obvious objective. There's one company that at the current moment has my interest more than the others and their studio is a 20 minute drive from my house. Respawn Entertainment, makers of Titanfall. From the first time I saw what they were doing I could relate to their design language, the gritty sci-fi characters and environments, the slightly muted color pallet, everything functional and heavily worn, the subtle asymmetry in their designs. So I made a point to start building things that would fit in their project as visual proof that I'd be an asset in the project. I applied to work there 2 months ago and a few days ago received a response that they weren't hiring artist at the moment but that my information was being kept on file. Not sure what that really means but boo-ya.

I've also recently been offered an internship at Ironklad Studios which I'm super excited to start sometime early next month. The People that work there are amazing artists and I couldn't be more grateful to soon be learning from them and putting my work into their projects. At the end of the internship I will either be hired onto the company or have assistance in finding a work. I've just got to find a way to make some extra money on the side so I can survive until the end of the internship. It's crazy seeing one of my biggest goals being achieved in the very near future! [UPDATE: Despite what I still think was a great opportunity I ended up turning down this internship, I couldn't afford not getting paid for my work for 3 months]

I want to talk about creative energy or also referred to as being in the zone. Creative energy is that natural momentum that will happen as subtly as falling asleep and waking up. You'll drift into it only to realize you're leaving it 3 hours later. You begin to work in tandem with your subconscious mind as the ideas spill onto the canvas, push around the clay, or flow from a guitar. It's awesome because it's you in your purest form, its you connecting to your potential, building ideas as big as galaxies on the space of a small desk. You return to reality looking at what you've done as if seeing it for the first time. You smile in amazement because you know that in those moments you experienced something special. You experienced creation at a natural level and got a glimpse of your potential. Acknowledge what brings about your creative energy and position your life in a way that encourages it often.

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