JULY.05.2014 - Existence

I'm grateful to report that things are going great! It took some time and a hell of a lot of stress but things are coming together. I've got a studio job I'll be starting very soon! I won't say what studio just yet until I start working officially, but I will say they've worked on some of the most prestigious projects in the industry. In the meantime I've been kept pretty busy by Badsmile Miniatures building up concepts and illustrations. Its been a great experience working with them.
 The part that excites me the most is knowing that I can move on to the next stage of my plans. The next stage still involves improvement as a designer/artist and huge projects but also has more to do with improving as a person. Becoming the person I haven't had time to be but always wanted to. Although I always want to progress I'm also very fortunate to be exactly who I am with the amazing people that surround me.
On the 4th of July, Independence Day, I was driving down the 110, the freeway that cuts right through the skyscrapers of downtown LA. My eyes stared out into the array of saturated colors filling the skyline. I was surrounded by flickering lights in every direction. The approaching buildings of glass reflected every burst of color capturing that light, sharing it a second time. It was a sight I never knew existed. I existed, and I soaked in the moment the whole way home. I haven't had such a profound moment since I got in my car and left for California, leaving behind everything that made Arizona home. I really look forward to those moments, those moment that make life so special, those moments you'll remember forever. Live in the moment and exist.

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