Recent first Success building a top down shooter game :)
A quick update before I get into my next big bit of news for the blog section of my site. First, yes I'm doing great. Work at Treyarch has kept me crazy busy but I absolutely love it. I turned 30 in Febuary which here we are on lap 30 around the sun. I got cubital tunnel syndrome actually on my bday which was a big welcome to being 30. It's basically carpal tunnel but based in your elbow. It comes from doing the same motions over and over again. I had to sleep with a brace for a month but we're mostly better now. I took a break from rock climbing since the last post and just started up again ever since the cubital tunnel and it seems to be helping greatly. blah blah blah. Sorry I've got Game of Thrones on the brain right now. Dammit Hodor!

I've got a lot of work under my belt at this point with way more to come. Eventually I'll go in and screenshot all the parts I'm responsible for in game but for now here's the trailers for the maps I've worked on. I tried to get embedded video but blogger isn't having it tonight. It's been very enjoyable to continue working at Treyarch. I'm trusted and responsible with a lot of things on these maps, and very grateful to be apart of it.

So the big bit of news is that I'm starting a Game Development Blog right here just like I did for becoming a concept artist. From here on I will record my progress of learning game development in it's entirety. The end goal is to know how to operate my own AAA studio where I can build my own games. I've already started this journey and wish i'd have started recording my progress sooner. Too bad but have no fear I've got a shit ton of things to learn and probably a couple years before anything meaningful comes out of this. Eventually I might switch over to a vlog.
Learning UV and Texturing using MODO and Substance Painter. My crappy model haha. Dec 2015.
So what have I done so far? I'll catch you up. I've got concepting down pretty packed. 3d modeling is a bit shaky but I can get around pretty well even if my topology is a bit rough. I've dabbled in UVing and 3d texturing, nothing super impressive but I sorta know what I'm doing there. So that's what I've studied so far and as of now I'm cracking down on the Unreal Engine. I've messed with it before but now I want to understand it fully. So I'm learning how to put games together by following every tutorial I can get my hands on. Right now I'm focused on learning the blueprint system. I'm constantly having to remind myself to take a deep breath and not let it overwhelm me. It is slowly getting less intimidating. Most recently I put together this Twin Stick Shooter game from a tutorial I watched. That's the first image of the post. Man was that cool to just mess with and see something complex show up like that.
learning how to assemble levels and lighting. Not my geo.
 I've come a long way and It's relieving to be at this point in my life, making plans again, having something long term to work for. I need to be prepared for opportunity, just like before. It feels good to write like this again, it's time to throw down some good old fashioned hard work. 

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