I'm not a New Years resolution person. What a lot of people do once a year is part of my life on a monthly to weekly... even daily basis. I'm already hyper focused on future resolutions on the regular.

So what is the New Year for me you didn't ask? It's more about reflecting on the last year. Asking the tough question, "Did I meet my own expectation last year? Was I the person, the machine, the energy I expect myself to be?" New Years becomes more about creating fuel for combustion, rather than combustion itself. It becomes more about finding incentive to achieve goals, rather than making them; because you know damn well you should have been working on this goal way before New Years.

So let's say this idea sparks you but you don't know where to start. "Mike please have mercy, I wanna get shit done this year but the world is so big, and there's lootboxes out there, and how could anybody not like the office, let alone tell me they did when they actually didn't?" I know *exactly* what you mean, which is why I've got your resolutions all figured out this year!


RESOLUTION 1A. Be honest with yourself. Easier said than done I know. For some it's hard to admit to themselves when they screw up, for others it's hard to admit when they're kicking ass, and some struggle to notice the middle ground in between. Just look at it for what it is so you can approach your resolutions efficiently.

RESOLUTION 1B. Life spoiler alert! You're going to die. Hopefully not anytime soon, but whether you like it or not you have X amount of time to live. Sorry if this is your first time hearing about this. This whole process hinges on steps 1A-B, so take them super cereal ok.

RESOLUTION 2. Make some goals that are really easy for you to get excited about and think how they will improve your life! Make goals that benefit you in the short or long term. Don't be afraid to get crazy with it, because you can't get resolution 1B out of your head now.

RESOLUTION 3. Make a plan. Getting anywhere fast requires perfect directions, just like the fastest way to any goal requires a plan. That's not to say your GPS won't send you to JCPenny instead of Chuck E Cheese, but take a deep breath and if your plan isn't getting you to your goals, reroute again and again until you reach your destination. It's as easy as going from point A to point B.

RESOLUTION 4. Make it a habit to work on your goals even if you don't want to, even if its a minute a day, hell even a few seconds. You NEED to do at least a few seconds a day! In that moment just trust in the habit, if this is something you actually care about the habit will consume you eventually.

RESOLUTION 5. Go unadulterated ******* beast mode! It's probably going to hurt and you might even question if it's worth it at times, but you haven't forgotten about Resolution 2 and the universe's gift to planet Earth, Resolution 1B. Work your ass off and never give up, but if you start to waiver for any reason go back to resolution 4 until you're ready to play with the big boys again ;)

Happy New Year everyone! I love you guys!

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