So much news. Life changing news :)

As of last week I no longer work at Treyarch. After nearly three years I left in order to pursue my own goals and a more fulfilling life. It came at no surprise realizing just how much of my time and energy was being put into other ideas. For a person as self driven, with plenty of my own ideas there's no reason I couldn't restructure my time in a more balanced way. I will be continuing working professionally as a freelance concept artist for other studios, but with the advantages needed to pursue my plan. So what's the updated plan? It's pretty in depth as that's how I plan, so I'll give you the key objectives. Get back into doing freelance concept art and build my game studio.

There's not much to say about freelance except that I'm doing a portfolio push to get some extra traction, also my portfolio is already a year outdated. I mean that Infinite Warfare work is over 3 years old and it's supporting this whole thing. So yeah I'm pushing out new work every week starting this week with the first image of this post. Thank the concept art gods I can get these things done quickly and confidently these days.

Lets talk about my game studio. As of last week I started planning out and building my first game. Feels good to say that. I'm not ready to announce specifics quite yet, but in a month or two I will. I want to make a strong first impression so expect something special. After putting together some ideas, the game I'm moving forward with is very possible for me to build and I'm bursting at the seams to share it. Soon! :)


Well that sums everything up. Alright, take a deep breath... now get your ass to work.

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