JUN.02.2012 - Summer Studies Part I

Amazing progress has been made in the last couple weeks! I really owe a lot of it to the industry artist and teacher Feng Zhu who releases professional level tutorials on YouTube based on what he teaches at his art school in Singapore. So I've been practicing like a mad man to reach the skill level I invision myself to be at. I'm still working on my 20 minute a day sketches which I can rarely stop after 20 minutes. I'll attach a few of them below. The first image is the most recent with a completion time of 8 hours, and the other images were drawn in about 40 minutes each.

8 hour completion
At the moment I've been planning what I'm going to do, where I'm going to go, and most importantly how I'm going to do it. The entertainment industry is a giant, and from where I'm at it's fairly overwhelming to think about. I'll keep practicing and acting towards it.

45 minute completion
1 hour completion
1 hour completion

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