Anyone who has followed my blog or knows me knows I've always had the intention of building my own game studio. In March of 2018 I officially began work on my first game!

ARKSYNC is about a bear, he’s a defective children’s toy robot, and his name is Robby Bear. He’s just another unpopular toy, defective and thrown out with the rest of the defects. Robby spends most of his small robot existence alone until he meets a little girl that needs him as much as he needs her. Her name is June, and for the first time Robby is doing everything a normal toy bear is programmed to do. Tea parties, blanket forts, bedtime stories, making gifts, checking for monsters in suspicious places… you know robot teddy bear stuff.

Things were wonderful until the day June and the rest of her human colony were taken deep underground. Robby doesn’t understand or really even care why this has happened, what matters is that he makes his way back to June. But the way to June is lined with killer machines in a vicious world. Robby being a toy bear isn’t designed to overcome this, but he’s not a quitter, he never quits. He’ll just have to find something more dangerous than anything in his way. He reprograms an old war robot, unit ID number 3-1920… actually let’s just call the robot Three.

The game is a 2D platform shooter, taking a modern approach on 32 Bit games both in terms of gameplay and graphical pixel art presentation. The game is being built using Unreal Engine 4.

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Jackson said...

Very good, congratulations, I loved the trailer. I hope to play it one day!