JAN.26.2013 - Focus on the Foundation

Most recent painting, Sir Swordsalot

The past couple months have been busy. I wish I had more time and the mental capacity to work, study and maintain a social lifestyle. I'm finding myself doing more sketching and foundation skill practices than actual paintings, which is cool. Let me now awe you with the riveting details of my practices. A lot of dynamic character sketching and becoming more familiar with forms of clothing and armor. Perspective work as always because I wish it felt more natural to where I didn't need to lay out perspective lines.

I'm feeling pretty good about the near future as my skills continue to improve. I should probably start setting some more specific goals again like I did when I was working on my portfolio, but not that specific. Maybe a goal of completing a painting a week. Seems reasonable enough as long as a manage my time better. It's going to be a great year!

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