DEC.10.2013 - 1.5 Years

I'm about a month away from making the move to California. I still don't know where, either San Francisco or Los Angeles. I'm not sure which one would be best for my situation. I sold the jeep about a week ago so nothing is holding me down here. I've got about a week and a half left at the bus yard and then I'll be quiting forever. I'm pretty nervous about this, maybe even terrified, but after I've got a place lined up to live I'll feel better about it. And I'll feel even better once I'm actually there. It's crazy awesome to think after a year and a half of serious preparation I'm really going to do this. It's the first step into the most intense goal I've ever set for myself.

Studies are going awesome. I'm getting much better at visualizing the forms I have in mind then drawing them exactly in a 3 dimensional space. Another thing cool I've noticed, I've been able to preform drawing fundamentals more instinctively allowing me to focus more on building ideas and adding a bit more of myself into my work. Really feels good.

I haven't finished an illustration since the beginning of October. Just so anyone reading is on the same page, an illustration to me takes a lot more time than I've put into any of my work since October, at least 18 hour completions. Its been speedpaintings and concept art lately, which takes me less time. I've got tons of ideas but I've been afraid to do them, call it intimidation by my own expectations. So I've been keeping things at simple levels of detail so I can observe the foundations of my images more. I think deep down I knew to hold off because I knew a new shift in understanding was on the horizon and it was. Things have just been clicking. For example, better application of fundamentals, incorporating more visual interest in the image, more consideration to the story of an image, and as I said before more of myself into each image.

I want to also mention that I recently went through and removed a lot of my old work from the site. It was like pulling out a loose tooth but I'm glad I did it. This site is not for taking a trip down Mike Garn memory lane, it's for getting clients. This also has encouraged me to start drawing up some new vehicle and prop concepts after deleting so many of them the portfolio feels a bit light. For those interested in my humble beginnings as an artist you can go here where I've put some of my early work that had most importance to me.

Thanks for stopping by! I'll be updating the blog again before the end of the month.


jh said...

Awesome, Mike! Good luck making the move.

Mike Garn said...

Thanks John and thanks for sharing your experiences in the industry with me!