OCT.22.2015 - Treyarch

Oh noooooo, I can't believe I've neglected this blog so long. My life has changed so much in the last 6 months. Let's get to this.

So above is an image I literally just finished. I won't be officially releasing it for a few days but i'm excited to post it here early anyways. I'm really trying to get in more personal work and also working on some high quality 3d kits I'll be selling for a pretty fair price. There will be more on that in my next post. ...and yes I promise I'll post again sooner than 6 months.

As many of you might have noticed I work at Treyarch now helping finish Call of Duty Black Ops 3. Ive been there for 4 months now I think. It's been a real ride and privilege. Leaving One Pixel Brush was no easy decision but I feel confident I made the right choice. So now I'm working these crazy hours, practically living at Treyarch. I should have something to share from this with in the next few months. The image below is the art test I submitted to get the job.

At the moment I starting to look for ways to help out the art community. I'm building up a few kitbash kits, probably some tutorials. More word on this in the future.

Oh and then there's real kitbashing which I got into and built my first model (below). I'm always in awe over the models that were built for the original Star Wars movies. I did some research on how they were put together and started to build my own. Once I get settled into my new place I'll start building another and build some Marquette as well. It is so rewarding to see one of these to primer like this. Just look at that dreamy detail.

As far as personal stuff goes well I have a gym membership. Never had one before but I kinda love it. I mostly put on some music and run the treadmill. I'm moving soon. Oh and I moved about 6 months ago, and I'm moving again, in like a week. It's not far from where I'm at now, and the new place is perfect. I'm also getting back into writing music again. My new place has a few notable places, a dedicated jam/art loft, a solid floor dinner room for building shit I can clean quickly, a living room for kicking it, and secret access to the roof from the window. I'm pumped as hell. What else, oh yes and I built a new desktop computer. It's a beast compared to my 2 year old laptop. I can't believe I was able to work professionally off a laptop for so long. I definitely owe that laptop some credit though, it helped me be able to study at work when I was driving school buses. If I didn't have that thing there's no way I'd have gotten to this point in my career so quickly. Now the laptop has become my dedicated station for recording music.

So yeah things are going great here, and life is getting pieced together nicely.

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