Aiming System studies. Built from scratch without reference.
I've been pushing myself extra hard this past year to learn how to build a video game. This last year was about learning programming and animation mostly. I keep telling myself the hard part is almost over, as if the difficulty ends before a game is finished. haha. Something always goes wrong... always. I think I could sum up the last year with a lot of my life as "Close but no cigar". I wonder where that expression comes from? Anyways between what seemed like close calls getting dream jobs between two of my favorite studios, and wanting to get my own projects up and running, and most of my personal life it's been so much failure.

Health system studies, also built without reference.
Yeah I'm smarter and better than I was before but the frustrating part is knowing you have so much farther to go and not knowing that distance. Learning programming without any real training is such a bitch. It's like trying to learn Japanese in your English speaking hometown. Moral of the story do multiple hard backups of everything you do in UE4, the program is not bullet proof. Just the thought of how many simple lessons like this I have yet to learn is so daunting. Programming is so deliberate, there's not a lot of room for experimenting at the foundational level.

Here's to 2018, the year I finally get my shit together!

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