MAR.12.2013 - Prepping the Portfolio

 I'm really pushing myself and trying to stay focused on my goals. The last few weeks have been crazy meeting deadlines for contests and exceeding client expectations for graphic design work I've been doing, and my other job and everything else. I want to be faster and capture feelings and motion more effectively in my paintings. I think I'll be sending in my portfolio to various companies within the next month or two at most. I just need to finish a few more paintings at my current skill level. Every painting I do is so much better than it's previous, and it's hard for me to just except my older work as portfolio material sometimes.

Some of the skills I've really been focusing on are depth and perspective. Depth is tricky, through value and detail I can push an object closer and farther in the space. The detail level is by far my favorite as I love the way it feels to have a detailed focal point. Perspective has been interesting, for the lava picture I laid out the perspective myself because the shapes were simple enough and I didn't put as much emphasis on design as I probably should have. For the mech image I had Google SketchUp take care or the perspective work for me. Working in 3D really lets me focus on the design. So from here on out I will typically use SketchUp as a base for design and a solid perspective foundation.

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