APR.16.2013 - Work Hunting

I've been drawing like a mad man the past few months! I haven't felt the old frustrations of my ideas being tied down by my skills. While I still focus on foundation skills I'm at a point where I can put a greater focus on design. It feels so awesome to look back to November when I was frustrated trying to put together that portfolio, at that point in time I wasn't ready. Since then, after 5 months of intense dedication to my studies I feel ready to take on professional concept work. Of course I'm not satisfied with my painting skills, and doubt I ever will be. 

So what happens now? As of now I've started marketing myself, trying to get people seeing my work. I'm going to really start putting emphasis on getting work. I've joined a few, more professional concept art sites and will only post my very best work. After all people tend to view your worst work as your best work. So everything should be very exciting from here on out. I joined cghub.com recently and found two of my pieces quickly in the top 50 on the popular page for most views in the first 24 hours. Another thing I need to do is start getting professional critiques on my recent works. I really think it will speed up my learning speed.

last bit of news, I'm going to the Gnomon School again at the end of the month for another workshop. A bunch of my favorite artists are going to demo. So yeah I'm so excited. I'll report again after going to Gnomon. Also I'll have some even newer work to show then.

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