MAY.23.2013 - The Next Part of my Life

Going to the Gnomon Workshop was an awesome experience. I got a ton of useful notes for reaching my goals. I got good responses on my portfolio and a few people telling me I'm ready to start working freelance. I got to meet Dave Rapoza and Dan LuVisi which was rad. Going to Gnomon and talking to people about the thing I'm always bursting at the seams to talk about is pretty much the coolest thing in the world to me.


Today's my last day of work at the bus yard. I won't be returning this time. Now is the moment when I force myself into the career I've been working diligently towards for the past year. Starting tomorrow morning my new art focused schedule will go into effect. It involves doing 3 very specific warm up exercises from a list of options. I choose between a 15min-2hr warm up painting, drawing a material sphere (e2), anatomy study sketch, dynamic anatomy study, a 15-30min speed painting (e1), 15-30min black and white sketch, a film study (e3) or learning 3DS Max.

Now that I'm going to be self employed I need to stay disciplined. If I don't I will fall into laziness and procrastination, and I will certainly fail. I've come up with some rules for myself. I'm going to follow a strict schedule, making specific times for daily studies, client work, personal work, and physical exercise. Also I need to remember that I'm a professional and need to treat every situation as such, I already do this but it's something I want to focus more on. With clients I want to under promise and over deliver. I also need to be continue to be patient about things. The last thing I'm going to focus on is working to thrive. I've spent most of my life working to survive instead and I don't want to live like that anymore.

With a couple freelance jobs I'll be starting next week I know I'm ready. Tomorrow is the first day of the next part of my life.

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