JUN.16.2013 - New Goals and Challenges

All paintings in this post are warm up sketches.
I've been so damn busy since my last post, and I've got a lot of news to update the... few people who actually visit this... if any... site. ha. I've been working on a lot of stuff. Right now I'm working on two games (both of which love the work I'm doing for them), and a few graphic design gigs as well. I'm still trying to get off this graphic design thing but people just can't get enough of me I guess. ha. The first couple weeks of this new life style was so crazy, I was trying to figure out how to manage my time, and the best way to tackle certain design problems. The first week I easily worked 80 hours and I was sick, oh and looking for a new place to live. ugh. Now I give myself days off so I can power through the days I work. After a couple weeks of hell I figured out most of the frustrating stuff and now I'm really enjoying this job and looking for more ways to be efficient.

So through trail and error I've decided I need to incorporate more 3d into my work, specifically 3ds Max. With one of the clients I'm working for, I've been designing this mech (PS it's bad ass looking, but I can't share it) and I've been looking for ways to speed up my designing from a few weeks to a few days. I do know that most professionals are given between a week to a month to design something so complicated. I mean you got to start with rough sketches, finding shapes, then consider functionality, then actually put the thing together in a presentable manor, and while making sure your art director is kept in the loop to make appropriate changes.

So this entire time I'm thinking how the hell am I going to speed this up the next time and my solution is 3ds Max. The big problem I've had is rendering and designing in 2d (photoshop), I can do it but I don't have the skill to do it a fast as some of the better pros, repainting takes time. So my new pipeline will be, 2d brainstorm (finding shapes and ideas fast, typically in a side view), next I take it straight into 3ds Max where I can design, detail and make corrections fast, next when that's done I render it out using mental ray, then detail it out in photoshop and finished!

Also I'm planning on moving to CA in the next 6 months, and this time I truly mean that. I am moving at the moment but will still be in AZ, so my next move is the big one. I need to do a few things first though, get more clients and sell my jeep for something more fuel efficient, once that is done I'll be out of here. Very exciting!

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John Hoeren said...

Outstanding! Incredible leading edge art! Blown away as always, whenever I visit. Exciting to hear you're taking the big steps.