MAY.08.2012 - Homer is a fishing place?

homer is a small town, in alaska, that has a huge pennisula leading into the pacific ocean. so yesturday we went there for the second time. it was cold, windy, and beautiful. we got out of the car and i made fun of jake and his waiters, which are basically water-proof trouser pants. even though i thought the joke was on him, it didnt take long to become envious that he could go up to his waist line in the water. so i bundled up, threw on some sweet fingerless gloves with which i grabbed my mighty fishing pole, and ventured towards "the spit", which is just a fancy word for a water hole that leads into the ocean, or an inlet. this spit is said to be like the salmon meca and for whatever reasion they always go into the inlet at high tide.

right when we got there some guy pulled out a 2 1/2 foot long salmon. i was sure that this time i would catch something. after a long 2 hours of casting and reeling i gave up. as i walked back to the car i was thinking about all the possibilities of why only 2 people had cought fish that whole time. my conclusion is, A, the waters so cold that the salmon perfer to hang away from the ocean. B, the people who cought there fish are locals who have their friends go under water and hook salmons to their lines for the purpose of awing the tourists around them. this would also explain why they always catch one fish then leave. i think its a tourist trap.

all in all, it was a good day of, not fishing, but casting practice. i seriously enjoyed it anyway.

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lizz said...

mikey i love your freakin guts! just kiddin thad be gross!but i love you!i wanna eat that moose.