JUN.11.2008 - Musical Things

If there was one thing that i can start missing really fast it would be my music things. last week i took a drive down to old whitey's music store, and made a purchase. its a fender champion 600 amp. this little guy doesnt match up to my vox by any means, but after tweaking with it i got it sounding pretty good, after all it is a tube amp. the adventure doesnt stop there either! so today i was dying for some variety, something fresh, something new, something expensive!

so i payed old whitey a visit. i entered the store, and with five people inside, it got real quite. almost like those scenes where the cowboy walks into the salone looking for the man that spiked his horse's drinking water. i confidently said, "hey whitey you got any of them RC-2's in stock." and he replied, "you bet'cha sonny." i picked up the box, with sweat glissening my palms, and there it was the boss RC-2 loop pedal, taunting, beckoning.

i checked the price. just as i could have expected from whitey, price gouging. this was no ordanary price knock-up either, i was looking at a hundred dollar difference! so i called him out. he tried to pull the old "this is the list price" and i said "musicians friend will sell it to me for a hundred dollars less, with shipping." so he checked the book, took the hundred off, and i walked off with my RC-2 for normal price.

its been good up here in alaska. weve been working hard, playing hard, and fishing. tomorrow im going to try to wake up at 5:00am so i can go fish the kenya river and catch a king salmon. oh and follow up to the RC-2 pedal, ive already had loads of fun with it and right off the bat, not knowing how to use the thing, i wrote i sweet riff that i enjoyed. i like making noises.


lizz said...

heck yah! its freakin huge huh! why didnt you take your acoustic up to alaska instead of the electric?

holli h. said...

typical whitey. He'll take a sucker for all he's got. Good thing you and musician's friend know better!