OCT.01.2010 - Faulty Optics

Welp, I just finished the drawing I think I talked about in my last post. I think the colors and tones might be off because I'm running off my motherboard graphics card, since my nvidia card is arriving tomorrow! The name I chose for the painting is "Faulty Optics" which is much better than whatever I was thinking about calling it before. Surprisingly this image took me a personal record breaking 3 days (roughly about 12 hours). I think if I was to redo this image it would take about 6 hours.

Other news... let me think... Oh yes, along with the new graphics card I took the liberty of also buying a bunch of parts to upgrade my PC, and they arrive tomorrow as well. I'm pretty stoked.

I've also planed out what will be happening next semester. I'm going to continue going to MCC for the sake of maintaining my grants. So I'll just be taking some classes there and probably some online ones. Then with my extra time I'll focus on making money and of course drawing. In that time I'll be preparing my skills for going to the Gnomon School in Los Angeles. I just want to be sure that when I get there I can make an amazing first impression, then be taught by some of the best concept artists that exist. It's a big leap to say but if I can stash away enough scholarships then it's a done deal. I've got a positive feeling about this.

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