AUG.01.2012 - Summer Studies Part III

So I've made another update to the site. Updated blog page, new paintings, fixed color scheme, and blog photos do the cool! We're closing in on this website, I can't wait till it's done someday!

Last month I won a 3rd place Gnomon award for the first image. I'll be honest I don't consider the image complete but when the contest deadline arrived I called it done. I used Google SketchUp to create an accurate perspective for the shapes. The second image was a 1 hour mess around sketch, and the third image took an hour as well and is my most recent painting. Along with these new images I've been studying my fingers to the bone learning anatomy (...pun!). Anyway, so that's been paying off. I hope to have some new paintings showing those skills soon.

3D place Gnomon award for "Temple Ruins"
Now to the big topic consuming my mind... I'm getting married! Just kidding, I'm not getting married. The real deal is that I've been looking into schools during the past month trying to work that out. It has been so frustrating. I won't bore you with the back and forth decisions that have been bouncing around in my head, but here's what I got right now. FZD School of Design would be the most ideal school for me. The students are worked hard over a one year course, little sleep and relaxation from what I've heard, but I consider it a small price to pay to be taught personally by Feng Zhu. That dude knows what he's doing and can teach what he's doing. As of now that doesn't look possible though because getting the 50k funding for whole trip has proven impossible because the school is in Singapore. I haven't given up on it yet. Other options on the table, Art Center of Design, Academy of Art and Design, and Gnomon School. The other option is to continue my personal studies and start applying at places in December.

Oh yeah and work starts again next week. Bummer.

1 hour completion
1 hour completion

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