AUG.25.2012 - Portfolio 7% Completed

I'd like to note that today Astronaut Neil Armstrong Died at 82 years old. I've always had a admiration for Armstrong since I was a little kid as I piloted my cardboard spaceship from its crayoned in controllers that took me all over the galaxy. He's one of the few humans that didn't have to pretend he was in space and the first human on the moon. Thanks for the inspiration Neil, rest in peace buddy.
Neil Armstrong AUG.05.1930 - AUG.25.2012

Here's what's been going on since I last posted. I scrapped the going back to school idea, there was no way I can afford it. The new plan involves making a brand new 30 piece portfolio. Its contents when finished will include 5 of each of the following design categories: characters, creatures, vehicles, props, environments, and production paintings. My dead line to complete this is November 15th, that's 10 finished images a month. So far I've finished 2 designs and have 4 more in progress with about 20 days left before the first monthly deadline.

So what happens after the portfolio is completed? Well this is the part that will depend on the quality of my portfolio and a shit ton of luck. I'll be sending my portfolio to various film and game studios and preparing to make the move to California or wherever I might get an in-house concept art job. Studios I'm really crossing my fingers for are Visceral, Bethesda, Massive Black or Valve. No limits.

First new portfolio piece for Character Design
20 min Sketch while at work. Traditional mediums WHAh?!?!
Studying is going great I've been cramming and practicing in all my down time, with note book in hand at all times. I'm also making some big changes to the site again. So bare with me while I transfer the site back to Blogger offers some sweet gallery features that just can't compete with. I'll post up my first production painting when it's finished in the next few days (I posted a small detail of this painting as the sites banner above, it's still a work in progress).

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