SEP.15.2012 - Portfolio 17% Completed

A lot of painting happening here. I recently finished these two painting for my portfolio. The quality is far better than anything I've ever done! As of now I'm five painting into my portfolio, the others are just various designs, not as fun as these images. 25 to go and I'm 2 weeks behind schedule. I'm having a difficult time finishing these things before their deadlines though because I do have to go to work full time driving buses. Gotta pay bills you know. I'm banking on getting much faster by the time I get to my 15th painting so I can still make my goal hopefully. Makes sense to me.

Other news, I'm going to a Gnomon Workshop in Los Angeles at the end of the month for a couple days. I'm crazy stoked about this for a few reasons! First Kekai Kotaki is going to be doing a demo there. Since I first saw his work his work has been a huge influence on me; great values, forms and designs. Second, I realized as I bought my ticket that I've never met another concept artist before. Bizarre right? This means a lot to me because my mind is so cluttered with painting related information but I have no one to talk to about it. Who wants to talk about compositions techniques, tonal values, subject matters, painting studies and of course the great journey to becoming a concept artist? Nobody that I know (Although many thanks to my friends and family that patiently listen to me ramble about it every now and then). The other thing about going to this workshop is that I can finally thank Alex Alvarez (founder of Gnomon) for putting together those contests that kept me painting when I first started, back when I kinda sucked at this stuff and before I knew this was something I wanted for a profession.
I'll write again when I get back from the workshop. I will have a lot of new stuff to share then.

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