OCT.01.2012 - Gnomon Live Workshop

What a great experience it was for me to go to the Gnomon School this past weekend. Everyone I came in contact with there were amazing people, not only in drawing but in personality too. It was great to just be in a room with a hundred people as passionate about concept design as I am. It helped me realize how crucial it is that I keep working hard and move to California as soon as possible.
This represents a break through in my rendering skills,
although I really wanted to push the concept of a time traveling robot on the run,
the sparking broken arm distracts too much from that idea. Lesson learned.
This was entirely done in photoshop.
All the presenters were really inspirational in one way or another. Anthony Jones shared a lot of helpful information.  His explanation was a focus on design, objectifying, and efficiency. Anthony also has this very non-critical attitude about everything that I think everyone (including myself) could apply more into their life.

I started this hoping to take it to a realistic level but instead bashed it together real quick
because I'm going to use this character in a much more dynamic scene that I'd rather spend time on.
Jamie Jones also had some great advise as he described the future of art as "inbred" because artists are being inspired too much by each other. The solution is for an artist to focus on their niche, the influence that is with in themselves. For Jamie he described his as a passion for old traditional paintings, for a painter like John Berkey it's aircraft, and for Syd Mead it's automobiles. It really got me thinking what is my inner inspiration, I think it's my interest in all the bulky technology of the 80s. I've noticed I really like drawing things less sleek and sexy, to be a little boxy, and with the chance of unreliability. For the record I miss making mixes off the radio onto cassette tapes. Ha.

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