OCT.14.2012 - Mike Garn's School for kids who can't draw good and want to do other stuff good too

For the past few weeks I've put myself on a strict school like schedule (also am I the only one who needs the spell check every time I spell the word schedule?). This pretty much insures that I get at least 6 hours of legitimate study time in a day, god knows I need every second of it. I've got time slots focused for anatomy, value studies, shot design (including composition and lighting), functional design, perspective practice, and what ever time I have left is for planning and personal studies. I really want to make things as close to hardcore as being in a really nice art school, while being keeping in mind that I have a full time job.
20 min speed paint
Also I think I'm going to be getting on the commission work wagon pretty soon and try to make a living out of it. Moving to CA would be so much more comfortable if I could move and bring a job with me (commission work that is). From there I'd start looking for an in house job... maybe. It's all up in the air, subject to revision.
I guess I had a bad dream or something because I woke up one morning and found a rough sketch of this
in my notebook from the night before. I mocked the rest of the concept out digitally in about 45min. For
the record I eat way too much spaghetti.
I think I'm going to start putting valuable lessons I learned at the end of all these posts. This weeks was pretty funny. So I'm in the middle of painting out this stupid pumpkin monster thing. The composition was great, values were looking grood, but something was off. I leaned back in my seat staring at the image before looking to Godzilla (a toy on my shelf) for some sort of inspiration. It was then that it hit me, something I heard Anthony Jones briefly mention at Gnomon. This monster I was designing pretty much sucked, it would never hold up next to the likes of my Godzilla. In fact I laughed at the thought of even putting this pumpkin thing on my shelf. The design was lame and unimaginative. So from now on I'll be designing things with the idea in mind that if they won't look good on my shelf then I won't draw them.

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jh said...

Mind blowing! All three of these are great -- full of life, atmospheric and moody. Can't wait to see what you'll come up with next.