OCT.01.2013 - On Schedule Sucka

 Surprisingly enough I'm right on schedule with my goals with some of the big ones right around the corner. I bought a new car about a month ago, its a nice fuel efficient Toyota Yaris. I frick'n love this car. I need to repair a few more things on my Jeep Cherokee before I sell it sometime next week. Once I have that for sale I'm going to start looking for a place to stay in Southern California. My goal is to be living over there by mid November. I haven't worked much out passed that, best case scenario I get picked up by an awesome company over there that likes what I do and will pay me well. I would like to work in house for a while, pushing myself and learning from other artists. I imagine that I have a lot to learn from professionals.

 Studies have been a bit slow. My job as a bus driver has me pretty busy and by the time I get home I'm just trashed. I paint through it as best I can. Some of my focused studies include dynamic anatomy and dynamic lighting. Another thing I've been thinking about is my style. I don't know if my work really has a distinct style, when I look at it it seems all over the place. I want to paint a few more paintings in the style of the first image in this post, but improve on my lighting more. Pushing realistic dynamic lighting is something I really want in my work. I'll figure it out.

I'm seriously amazed at the progress and how closely I've been approaching my goals. It's awesome to think I'm actually following through with this. For the past, I think, 2 years I've altered this plan a bunch of times to make this happen and this feels like the big one. Making a move like this is no small thing, but I feel positive and confident about it. Hopefully I'll find the things I've been looking for in my life soon.

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